Local pregnancy, infant & postpartum practitioners from Charlotte, NC giving their best, most practical advice for your parenting journey.

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At Mind Body Baby NC, we believe when new & expectant parents are knowledgable and nurtured they are in the best space to help their babies, and themselves thrive. There are many challenges in adjusting to pregnancy and new parenting that are not often discussed or shared, leaving us to figure things out sometimes through painful trial and error. This video series intends to ease that journey by talking about those not-often-discussed hardships. So, thanks to a grant from the City of Charlotte Jumpstart Program and the many fabulous perinatal practitioners from all around our city, we are building an educational library that will continue to grow. PLEASE SHARE ANY OTHER TOPICS YOU WISH MORE PEOPLE WOULD HAVE SHARED WITH YOU IN PREPARATION FOR YOUR JOURNEY. LET YOUR STRUGGLE BE WISDOM FOR ANOTHER FAMILY.